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I made some icons!

I'm only a beginner, so I want opinions - but be GENTLE with me! :O)

I started off with only 3 base pics, and have made 13 icons...

Again - be nice - I'm still learning!
Yesterday Rob got me a Photoshop book (and I'm looking for PSP/AS too) so I can figure it out properly, but I've yet to read it! Heh!

Ya think I like Jane Goldman by any chance? I have done some non-Jane icons, but these are all I'm sharing for now!

01//       02//

03//        04//

05//       06//

07//       08//

09//       10//

11//       12//


Not sure about a couple of them... (#9's my least fave, and Rob says #9 and #6 are "just crap" - heh!)  And I should've made the text in #11 a bit more sparkly I think...

Font used in #3 is called 'Aladdin', and in #7 and #11 'Charmed'.  Taken from this lovely site that frit mentioned.

Soooo... here they are. Other than two icons I made a few months back, these are my first real attempts.  I hope you like them!

Textless icons are not bases, Comment/Credit/"Hotlink and die!", yadda yadda. :O)

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