Luscious Wound (agnetha) wrote in janegoldman,
Luscious Wound

Neil Gaiman mentions Jane in his journal

He also praises her writing ability, and mentions the fact that she's writing a second novel and he's meeting her for a script meeting about an adaptation of his "Stardust" in ten days! So maybe he'll mention her again soon when he reports back.

She of the flame red hair, whom you once described in print as curving 'like a Raymond Chandler simile'...

Scroll down a bit:

Plus, have you seen all the gorgeous pics here:
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Every quote from Neil Gaiman I see on here makes me that much more interested in his work. I should really look him up some time.

I also see now why izzles has 'Jane Goldman's breasts' listed as an Interest. If this were America, those things'd have their own talk show by now.
Yes, I really do thank God for Jane. She's living proof that one does not have to be super-skinny to be sexy. And I think Jonathan really loves her voluptuousness. On Gordon Ramsay's food programme recently he freely admitted to having "put things in her mouth when she's asleep"!